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While carpets are anchored to the room where they are located, rugs are not. Some decorative guidelines state that it is fashionable to have a rug displayed -on top- of a carpet, to make a fashion accent and statement.

However, what happens in that case is that the carpet underneath the rug will be modified at a different rate through the exposure to the elements, including vacuuming and even the traffic the rest of the carpet is subjected to.

So in such case, a special and particular way of cleaning and maintaining the carpet needs to be processed. Yet, there is more. There is also the need to consider the rug. Rugs needs special care firstly because they can be taken up from where they are located.

How about tossing them into the washing machine or washing them with a broom?

Many residential rug owners take advantage of the fact that the rugs can be rolled up and taken out from the place where they are located. While this is one of the many characteristics of a rug, it is not in its best interest to toss them into the washing machine.

For starters, rugs have a more sturdy built that will undoubtedly cause additional and unnecessary stress to the washing machine machinery. Washing them by hand or with the assistance of a broom is not recommendable either, such action will undoubtedly damage the fabric of the rug itself and reduce its lifespan.

The best alternative is to hire professional rug cleaners such as the Carpet Cleaning Professionals.

Can you take care of antique rugs?

Yes, we can. Please contact us for more information. We are expecting your call.


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