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Just like with Carpets, upholstery needs to be cleaned as well. The constant brush of the upholstery fabric against the fabric of the humans who sit on the furniture; the interaction of the upholstery with human skin and overall humans cause it to get smelly and dirty. It is a whole different problem than carpeting.

Carpets get dirty from dirt, mud and casualties; but upholstery has an additional problem: Fat and sweat. Individuals sweat all the time. We sweat more if we are feeling intense responses regarding these emotions: Anxiety, Fear, Happiness, Anger. As a effect of sweating, there are fat drops as well and human smell.

Males’ scent is stronger than females’ but, nonetheless, both genders leave scent with fat and sweat every day, all the time. Regardless the consequences of human sweat and odor, casualties should always be considered in terms of Kids, furry kids or friends spilling drinks.

What about the blotches??

We can also take care of the stains for you!

Mishappenings can cause smudges in your special upholstery. Still there are many other sources for smudges such as makeup, perfumes, and many other sources. And just like in the case of the carpeting, the upholstery is an important element of decoration and image.

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